“Booktrailers and Videostorytelling: How to teach and learn reading appreciation”

Creating a book trailer involves the use of media in didactics, has a strong educational value and uses the methodologies of learning by doing and learning among peers.

The process of transferring a written text into visual language requires: a deep knowledge of the book;
the ability to grasp the essential elements and the ability of transposition and to summarize;
the ability to transmit to others the content and the emotions derived.

This process leads to the acquisition of basic and transversal skills .
The innovative nature and effectiveness of the book trailer, a short video that analyses and promotes a text, is given by its ability to relate literature, film and computer science ; this multiplicity of plans allows the student to practice the research for conciseness and effective communication , core competencies in educational and training paths and in everyday life

This kind of didactics is not purely disciplinary, but is mainly subject to the development of the person and his needs, centered on very attractive laboratorial techniques, which works starting by problems and aims at their resolution with the cooperation of all participants involved.
We decided to use booktrailers in order to stimulate the students to read. The partnership is made up of 6 partner schools (Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Uk) with the support of Associazione MEET. Each school has classes in wich children with disabilities and/or disadvantages of various kinds will be involved in the activities of the project.
Our intention is to develop cooperation between contexts with different literacy and transversal skills, to find new inputs, new ideas and give the opportunity to all those involved to develop the human capital and be able to face present and future challenges.

The objectives of the project are to improve the quality of education:
- work with literacy, and production of booktrailers that are tested/implemented in primary and secondary schools.
- strengthen teachers' skills and provide them with a tool that encourages students to read and to learn to create something new, that is the booktrailer;
- fostering the provision and the assessment of key-competences, including basic skills and transversal skills, facilitating the interaction between visual and textual language and multimedia techniques .

The methodology used is designed to engage students using languages familiar to and interesting to them, and keeping with encouraging them to read books, novels or also school books. The need to express themselves through a different language bring them to learn different reading codes.
The desired impact at local and regional level: is the development, through an international event such as MEET Festival, of a new approach and a new relationship between young people and the world of culture and cinema. During these international festivals young people will be given the opportunity to catch their territory to be better known and appreciated in Europe through films made by the students themselves and by professional film makers during the festival.

Another objectives are to improve the ability to communication with each other and improve the ability to communicate in a foreign language, or finding innovative ways for understanding each other (non-verbal approach).
We decided to make a link between the project and MEET Festival (Movies for European Education and training), an ongoing activity wich has a European dimension, with the clear intention to give the project since its beginning visibility, dissemination and sustainability also after the enf of the Erasmus+ grant support.